What to choose: Log or Timber Frame Cabin?

timber frame of log cabin builder

What to choose: Log or Timber Frame Cabin?

Log homes and timber frame homes are structures that are built to last. Most people choose a log or a timber cabin because they love the look. The appearance of log and timber cabins and the eco – friendly attribute is at the core of their popularity.

The first question that you must ask when deciding between a log and a timber frame house is: what would you like to see in the interior: plasterboard walls or wood? In a timber house the interior walls usually are finished with plasterboard and painted. This creates a light, modern look. In a log house, the interior walls are the logs themselves. Wooden walls can be painted any colour, but still it gives a more rustic look. There is an option to do a dry wall finish in a log cabin but this might be a bit more expensive.

The main difference is the walls construction. Log homes are made by stacking the logs horizontally to form the interior and exterior walls. Timber frame exterior and interior can be finished in any way you wish , e. g. dry wall, T&G cladding – vertical or horizontal. In addition, heavy timbers (handcrafted logs) are increasingly used to create ultra – modern – homes. As example of this – our hybrid home line – full explanation can be found on page 24 of our catalogue. Our ability to mix authentic log and timber materials in the construction of a single home gives our clients more options for how their home will look – inside and out. This opens up nearly endless possibilities with regard to your home’s appearance.

The Similarities

  • Design flexibility available on both: open layouts, cathedral ceilings, walls of windows framing great views, intricate roof trusses and soaring fireplaces.
  • Both are highly energy efficient.
  • They can withstand almost anything that Mother Nature can throw at it. Very often people think that wooden houses will not last long. With nowadays technologies, timber frame or log houses are built for a few generations. They have high building standards for wind, snow loads or fire resistance.
  • Log homes can be assembled very quickly on your foundation since all the logs have already been pre-fit in our log yard prior to shipping. A timber-framed house can also be built in a short timeframe, as large parts of the house are “factory produced”.
  • Wall thickness. The thickness of logs can vary between 68-260 mm. Standard timber frame wall thickness from 200mm