3 Bedroom log cabin Dingle


Get a luxury 3 Bedroom log cabin!

3 bedroom – available options 44/68/90+mm – contact us for price.

Flat pack delivery 68mm is 52 380eu incl VAT

Flat pack delivery 90mm is 57 790eu incl VAT




Log cabin Dingle was designed with family in mind, and you will not be disappointed with this impressive home. This ‘all-in-one’ living space simultaneously fulfils multi-purpose functions. All bedrooms are spacious. Higher ceilings increase daylight access, assist natural ventilation and contribute to a sense of spaciousness.

1 spacious living room 26.45m² (284.7ft²)
1 kitchen/dining room 31.57m² (340ft²)
3 spacious bedrooms:
1 bedroom 18.26 m² (196.55 ft²) with
an en-suite 2.62 m² (28.2 ft²) and
walk in wardrobe 2.62m² (28.2 ft²),
1 bedroom 11.34 m² (122ft²),
1 bedroom 18.26 m² (196.55 ft²)
1 bathroom 6.46m² (69.5 ft²)
1 storage/utility or office room 5.15 m²(55.4 ft²)
1 annex 10m² (107.6 ft²)
TOTAL area inside – 126m² (1363.79ft²)

The building can also be modified to suit your needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information regarding the log house.


Walls                                   68mm

Size                                     10.8 x 12.8m (35.4ft x 42ft)

Ridge height                       4037mm

Wall height                         2430mm

Roof area                            155.6 sq m, slope 17°

Material                               all natural, untreated Nordic spurce

Windows/doors featured with 24mm argon gas filed double glazing, glue laminated timber, tilt and turn opening options.

For full T&C click HERE

Available options:
Cabin assembly, Concrete Pad, Roof/ Wall/ Floor insulation,
external/internal painting, guttering, interior works.


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