2 bedroom log cabin Kilkenny


Imagine owning your own home !

Now it’s affordable – you can get a log cabin for less than 20,000!

Flat pack delivery 13,790 eu! Sale price 11,950 eu valid till 13 May 2019!

Special offer bonus: FREE steel roof/ FREE damp proof membrane/ FREE floor insulation

Set up your home on a small piece of land, on your parents property or anywhere planning permission allows really!

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Log cabin Kilkenny was designed with family in mind, and you will not be disappointed with this impressive home. This ‘all-in-one’ living space simultaneously fulfills multi-purpose functions.

Log cabin is made from kiln dried, but not painted/treated wood.  Foundation bearers are impregnated against rot. The building can also be modified to suit your needs.

Insulated log cabin is suitable to use all year round.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information regarding the log cabin.


Walls                                   44mm thickness interlocking wall boards preventing wind and water ingress

Size                                     7.0 x 6.0m (22.9ft x 19.6ft)

Ridge height                       3170mm

Wall height                         2220mm

Doors                                  1 single glazed door (850x 1860mm), 3 internal door (850 x 1860mm)

Windows                             4 double windows (1380 x 910mm), 1 single window (485 x 505mm)

Material                              all natural, untreated Nordic spurce

EXTRA options

Floor insulation  (€1140.00) extra

Damp proof membrane (€450.00) extra

Steel Roof (€750.00) extra

Cabin assembly (€1350.00) extra

Timber frame & block foundation (from €1290.00) extra

Wall insulation and TG cladding(€2480.00) extra

Roof insulation (€2030.00) extra

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