1 room log cabin Modern


Imagine owning your own home!

Now it’s affordable – you can get a log cabin for less than 5,000!

Flat pack delivery: 3,420 eu incl VAT

Anti – storm system with reinforced metal rods – FREE! Only at OPTIMUM HOMES!

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Log cabin Modern has plenty of light to use it as a home office, garden room or inspiring studio.

Log cabin is made from kiln dried, but not painted/treated wood.  Foundation bearers are impregnated against rot. The building can also be modified to suit your needs. Anti – storm system with reinforced metal rods – FREE! Only at OPTIMUM HOMES!


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information regarding the log cabin.


Walls                                   28mm thickness interlocking wall boards

Size                                     3.0 x 3.0m (9.8ft x 9.8ft)

Wall height                         2140mm

Doors                                  1 double glazed door (1420 x 1900mm)

Windows                             3 small windows (660 x 440mm), quality glass 4mm

Roof                                    bitumen felt covering

Sill plate                              included

Material                              all natural, untreated Nordic spurce

EXTRA options

Cabin assembly (€400.00) extra

Timber frame & block foundation (€280.00) extra

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