Log cabin or timber frame home extension

Does it feel as if your current home is becoming a tad too small for your needs? Do you wish to have more space? But on the flip side, you are in love with your current home and do not want to move or simply don’t want to go through the entire house hunting, moving and furnishing hassle. Well if you are in a similar scenario, then all your worries are over as we here at Optimum Homes provide beautiful and spacious luxury log or timber frame cabins as home extensions. These are popularly used for dining rooms, extra accommodation, sunrooms and so on not only in Ireland, but in the world.

A well-placed and nicely designed home extension can completely transform your home to meet your needs and to add to its market value as well. Not only are these extensions quick to assemble, energy efficient and cost effective, but they come in a variety of designs; so, it seems as if the extension has been a part of the house from the start. Our focus when designing these extensions is energy and the use of quality materials.

Costs are a bit difficult to quantify due to the specification and complexity of design. But on average these extensions cost less than a traditionally built extension because it is quick to assemble so there are fewer labour hours involved.  For simpler options the starting price is €850/m2.

Following factors affect the price:  

  • Size
  • Thickness of the log/ frame;
  • Type and amount of insulation;
  • Choice of external cladding;
  •  Amount and specification of glazing.

Luxury log cabins come in multiple designs with the ‘flat roof’ being vastly popular, ultra-modern and totally chic. It features huge windows along with roof lights.

home extension
Following is a real-life example of a log cabin extension which is bright and airy and features a high ceiling, full height windows and sky lights. Together these created an elegant and unique dining area at the rear of the house – this project was a total transformation. Project execution was in around 4 weeks which included full re-wiring, painting and insulation.

At Optimum Homes we take pride in ourselves and in our work. We make sure that from the first meeting to the last day of work you are welcomed with a high standard of work. We also fulfill the requirements of being reliable, on-time, within budget and executors of fine workmanship.

home extension
An extension was insulated from the outside, a perfect clad finish blends with the rest of the house. Modern and bright, designed with elegance and comfort in mind.

We acknowledge the investment you made when you bought your house and our purpose is to add value to it by providing high quality and luxury extensions.

You can get quotes for custom built extensions and outbuildings by sending a message by email [email protected]. In most cases in ROI planning permission is not needed for an extension that’s 40m2 or less, although certain criteria apply, which include the location of the extension as well as minimum distances to boundaries. Your local authority will be able to advise you further with respect to this.