Hybrid Home Line

There are four types of homes we specialize in: Handcrafted, Machine Milled, Timber Frame and Hybrid designs. Each has its own set of characteristics and is unique. So whichever type of home you choose, it will be a treat for you and your friends and family.

In the world of home building, a hybrid refers to something different than commonly known – a building method that mixes two or more of the following product lines: handcrafted logs, milled logs or timber framing within the same structure. This unique option is exclusively available at Optimum Homes.

            Our clients benefit from the flexibility of our designs, speed of construction, energy savings and an overall lower build cost. A well-built hybrid home will last for many years to come, so it is a great one-time investment for the future. Today the method is typically reserved for use in high-end, luxury homes or smaller homes where the aesthetic value of the timber frame style is desirable.

            Our ability to mix authentic log and timber materials in the construction of a single unique home gives our clients more options for how their home will look from the inside and the outside. This opens up endless possibilities with regard to your home’s appearance.


  • mixed handcrafted log and timber framing within the same structure
  • adaptable to a wide variety of exterior and interior finishes  (walls can be finished with drywall, tongue and groove or logs)
  • flexible design (each room of your home can have a different finish)
  • large-diameter logs (higher insulation, luxury accent)
  • hybrid structures can be built to blend in with the geographic style of area or made to stand out

Main Advantages of Hybrid homes:

When one is designing their own home, flexibility of design is very important as everyone has their unique taste which they want reflected in their home as well. When talking about the hybrid home, it has two advantages; it is more cost-effective and has the most flexibility with respect to its design. Meaning that for a cheaper option, you can have any type of home, modern, airy, rural, country, you name it and it is yours.

Hybrid home designs include a variety of options; log trusses, pillars, rafters, log siding, purlins, laminated timber arches, to name a few. The best part about Hybrid homes is that it can be molded in any way to blend in perfectly with the geographic style of the area it is to be built on. This is possible because there are many pleasing combinations of materials to choose from such as natural stone, exotic hardwoods, and reclaimed wood.

Another thing to note is that these homes are well suited for the Irish weather and we all know how the weather here can be at times. But no matter what the weather is like outside, these homes will provide you with A* comfort and luxury.

Because of all these options available with respect to designing, materials and customization, hybrid homes really create a wow factor and bring your dream home to life.

Also, these types of homes allow you to pick and choose materials, so rather than having a complete timber or log-based home, you can create one with both timber and log.  The possibilities are infinite and with Optimum Homes you are sure to create a home that not only matches your budget but also is in line with your vision.

Accent Materials

If you want to get your moneys worth out of your hybrid home, then you need to use accent materials in all the right places and in the right quantity. So, places which would get more visitors, you want to highlight that place. For example, for places like the main living room, you might choose timber frame construction in the interior or go with ceiling truss work as both enhance visual attention. Other than that, people also tend to focus on the master suits and their ceilings as every morning that is the first thing they lay their eyes on and each night that is the last thing they see. Blend conventional building materials with beautiful framed spaces and voila you have a masterpiece and that too in your budget.

Optional supplied materials:

•          UPVC windows and doors. All homes need windows and doors! We do not manufacture these necessary items but we have identified supplying companies that we feel provide a quality product suitable to accompany our homes. They are supplied as part of your home package and based on your design choice.

•          Roof systems

•          Blinds

•          Furniture

•          Log railings for lofts, stairs, decks and porches

•          Log or timber stair systems

•          Log roof rafters (structural or decorative)


How much will the build cost?

Optimum Homes provide costs on an individual project basis. There are many variables that affect costs, such as continually fluctuating timber prices, size of your structure, complexity of design, location of your building site, type of roof support system required, and more. To provide you with a rough estimate, we ideally prefer sketches of a completed floor plan and elevation views of the building, including dimensions. For an exact quotation, a full set of plans will be required.


Our collection of ready to build from floor-plan designs provide many options for style, function, and comfort. But you don’t have to take them as they are because all Optimum Homes home designs can be customized to meet your specific design ideas, layout and style. We are more than happy to help you change our plans or you might have a completely original design in mind. We can work from any idea you have, be it a picture from a magazine or a basic hand-drawn sketch. Please contact us by phone or email for more details regarding our pricing and design services.

Come and talk to us! We will walk you through all the steps necessary to design your own Dream Home. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT FOR FREE EXPERT ADVICE 0833112000 OR EMAIL US [email protected]


We are not only different but also one of a kind. We do not just provide great and comfortable homes, yet we provide a great over all experience from planning to designing, to building your dream home. Plus it is easier to get planning permission in Ireland for these hybrid homes because it can be finished with sand cement or similar method instead of timber cladding.

 So, with us feel free to dream and make those dreams come true. Our end goal is to get what you have always wanted and for you to spread the word among your family and friends about what a great job we did in helping you get your dream home.