Terms and conditions




1.1. By placing an order with Optimum Homes, you are consenting to the following Terms and Conditions.

1.2. Our acceptance of your order establishes a legally binding contract.

1.3. Legal ownership of any goods ordered from Optimum Homes will not pass to you until full payment has been received.

1.4. Should you obtain goods prior to full order payment, you accept that we retain the right to demand and receive immediate settlement of all outstanding payments prior to transfer of ownership, or grant us unrestricted access to reclaim the goods. At this point a cancellation process shall be instigated.


2.1. All prices shown on Optimum Homes website or price lists are in (€) Euros, and include VAT at the current rate, errors and omission excepted.

2.2. Delivery is not included in the price unless stated otherwise, and will form an additional charge is applicable depending upon the delivery area and goods/services ordered.

2.3. Optimum Homes will notify you prior to acceptance of the order if there are any amendments or alterations to the price of the goods or services requested.

2.4. The manufacturers reserve the right to change the specification of their products at any time. If this means the price has been amended or altered, you will be entitled to cancel the order and receive a full refund where applicable.

2.5. A non- refundable deposit for goods or services must be made at the time the order is placed.

2.5.1. Balance – cleared payment must be received in full, 24 hours prior to goods leaving Optimum Homes’ warehouse unless otherwise agreed.

2.5.2. Cash payments – if payment is being made by cash the delivery driver will request payment in full prior to unloading the goods.

2.6. 50% deposit of TOTAL COST incl. VAT secures product. Balance payment required prior to delivery.

2.7. Credit Card payments will incur a 2% charge.

2.8. Debit Card payments will have no charge.

2.9. Euro payments will be calculated at bank rate on day of payment.



3.1. We will arrange delivery of the goods at the earliest opportunity, Optimum Homes reserve the right to adjust the delivery date following any unforeseen circumstances. All orders are acknowledged and you will be contacted prior to delivery.

3.2. All delivery dates or lead times stated are approximate, and are given by Optimum Homes in good faith for indication purposes only.  Delivery times range from  1 – 10 weeks depending upon the type of product ordered. We cannot guarantee a specific delivery time or date, and cannot be held responsible for delays which are beyond our control, including (but not limited to) manufacturing issues and third party contracted companies.

3.3. We shall not be responsible for delays caused due to incomplete or incorrect information being submitted by ‘The Customer’.

3.4. Standard deliveries shall be made to the roadside only, and it shall be at the discretion of the delivery driver to move the goods to an alternative point at the delivery address.

3.5. It is the customer’s responsibility to provide a suitable access for delivery, and any concerns you have must be notified to us in writing at the point of order. If you do not notify us, you will be liable for any failed or return delivery charges.

Helpful Advice: Please ensure the access is clear and advice us of any obstructions that may delay unloading. Cabins are delivered in kit form (flat pack). If the cabin was ordered with delivery only it will be delivered at the roadside at the front of the site. Then it will be ‘The Customer’s’ responsibility to provide sufficient manpower to unload.

3.6. A valid signature from you or your representative must be provided upon delivery, at which point you bear all responsibility and risk for the delivered product.
3.6.1. If you are not available to sign for the goods upon delivery, prior written acceptance of responsibility must be provided to us, allowing the goods to be left unattended. If written acceptance of responsibility is not received prior to delivery, you will be liable for the failed and/or return delivery charges.

3.7. Goods must be examined within a reasonable time of delivery, and all damages or shortages must be reported as soon as possible by telephone to 01 4823695, and thereafter in writing [email protected] Optimum Homes will not accept any telephone claims which are not backed up immediately in writing (photographs should ideally be provided where possible).
3.7.1. No responsibility for transit damage will be accepted after 24hrs from the time of delivery.
3.7.2. If damage has occurred to sectional goods during transit, each section will be classed as an individual item. We reserve the right to replace only the damaged sections, and can decline any replacement when damage has been caused by ‘The Customer’ through misuse, neglect, self-assembly, or incorrect storage. Minor superficial damage caused during transit will not be accepted as grounds for rejection.

3.8. You should not begin installation, or arrange any third-party installation until the product has been fully inspected for damage or missing parts. Optimum Homes  shall not be liable for any costs incurred by ‘The Customer’, should they fail to inspect and satisfy themselves that the product is sound and complete prior to self-assembly.

3.9. There is a €30/hour charge to unload on site (minimum 1 hour). Please be aware that difficult sites may take extra time to unload so it is important that you have help available to reduce these costs.


4.1. Some of our products are sold and supplied for self-assembly only, unless stated otherwise.

4.2. If an installation service has been requested and is available, ‘The Customer’ must ensure that a flat and level base of an adequate size to locate the cabin and capable of carrying the weight of the product should be provided prior to delivery.
4.2.1. The site should be clear of obstructions including, but not limited to, overhanging branches, and have sufficient unobstructed access (minimum 60 cm) around the site for the safe erecting and maintenance of the building. If the base does not meet the required standards, you will be liable for the aborted labour costs (18% of the product price or the initial installation fee, whichever is greater), and the product will be left for self-assembly.
4.2.2. Should ‘The Customer’ require a return installation service, a similar charge (10% of the product price or the initial installation fee, whichever is greater) must be paid prior to the subsequent visit being made.

4.3. ‘The Customer’ must ensure that the installer’s vehicle can be parked as close as possible to the installation site. If a parking area cannot be located nearby the site, the installation may be abandoned and a return charge (as defined in 4.2.1.) may be made, and

4.4. ‘The Customer’ will be liable for any costs incurred by the installation team (metered parking etc.) during the installation period.

4.5. ‘The Customer will be responsible for the disposal of all associated packaging. If requested we can arrange to have packaging removed at extra cost.

4.6. The paint you decide to use is totally your responsibility and you should ensure that the wood is dry before any paint is applied. You should also follow the paint manufacturers instructions on how their product should be applied and the number of coats needed. Optimum Homes does not take any responsibility for any discolouration due to paint not being properly applied.

Helpful Advice: All interlocking Cabins are untreated. It is the customer’s responsibility to apply a recommended micro porous preservative (the treatment must contain between 120-150 microns of paint, e.g.  “Sikkens” or ‘’Viva Colour’’ ) which allows the wood to breathe whilst maintaining an effective waterproof. The cabin or kit should be stored in a dry condition prior to erection and protective coating application made as soon as possible after erection to avoid any warping.

  1. 7. If Optimum Homes company do not erect the cabin we do not accept any liability for damage caused by self assembly.CANCELLATIONS5.1. If the goods have been canceled by ‘The Customer’ after any time from the day the contract is made refund will be issued only 25% of deposit (except as defined in 5.3.) to cover partial self-costs of materials used in manufacturing of the cabin. Cancellations must be made in writing either by letter or email.
    5.1.1. An additional charge may be made if the order is cancelled within 14 days  but delivery has been scheduled by a third party.

5.2. Cancellations made after the order has been delivered will carry a 20% restocking charge of cabin and all extras (if applicable)
5.2.3. A Loading and unloading cost will be applied at €30 per hour
5.2.4. Mileage to collect will also be charged
5.2.5. All above costs are subject to VAT at the standard rate

5.3. ‘The Customer’ has no right to cancel at any time if the order includes special order items, non-standard options, adaptations, or personalised preferences. Buildings ordered for delivery direct to the customer from overseas (e.g. log cabins) are non-returnable, and cannot be cancelled once shipping has commenced.

5.4. Minor cosmetic damage, and natural variances in timber buildings such as knots, natural cracks and shakes are not classed as imperfections or flaws, and not classed as faulty.

5.5. We will not accept any return or cancellation if the goods have been altered, assembled, painted or customised in any way.


6.1. We will not accept liability for any product which does not meet ‘The Customers’ required dimensions, unless the exact dimensions have been obtained in writing from us, prior to order. All sizes shown are quoted as approximate, and may be changed at any time.

6.2. ‘The Customer’ should check before ordering that the building will be suitable for its intended purpose.

6.3. Optimum Homes will not accept liability for issues caused by the installation of any product by a third party.

6.4. If we (or our suppliers) are unable to supply your order, we will refund you in full as soon as possible. We will not be obliged to pay any compensation for disappointment or inconvenience.

6.5. We will not be liable for:
a) Losses that were unforeseeable to both parties when the contract was made.
b) Losses that were not caused by any breach on the part of the Optimum Homes.
c) Business losses and/or losses to non-consumers.
d) Damage to property or belongings in the event that Optimum Homes are required to access the site for delivery or installation through a house or property (commercial or residential). ‘The Customer’ will ensure that all floor coverings are protected, and any valuables or breakable objects are removed from the thoroughfare.

  1. 6. Optimum Homes are not liable to any damage caused by ‘’Act of God’’ such as storms or hurricanes or flooding.



  1. 1. It is ‘The Customer’s ‘’ sole responsibility to check with their local planning authority regarding planning permission if applicable.WARRANTY

8.1. All products are guaranteed for a period of 5 years from date of purchase. If the product was installed and painted (by 2 coats at the time, every 4 years, 3 times per warranty period) by our company – warranty 10 years. This is a parts-only guarantee, and no labour or installation costs are covered.

8.2. Warranties will be void if damage, misuse or neglect has occurred due to you, a third party not related to Optimum Homes such as an independent installer or damage occurring outside of our control such as adverse weather.

8.3. All products must be treated immediately with paint purchased from Optimum Homes, which has a minimum of 120-150 microns of paint, and before any contact with water. Guttering must also be fitted to the cabin products immediately after erection – within 21 days. We will not be liable for damage or damp occurring to the cabin if this has not been done as per these instructions.

8.4. Our Shingles come with a manufacturer’s 15 years guarantee.

These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statutory rights as a consumer.

By ordering a product from Optimum Homes you are deemed to have accepted these terms and conditions.