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Hybrid Home Line

There are four types of homes we specialize in: Handcrafted, Machine Milled, Timber Frame and Hybrid designs. Each has its own set of characteristics and is unique. So whichever type of home you choose, it will be a treat for you and your friends and family. In the world of home building, a hybrid refers […]

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What to choose: Log or Timber Frame Cabin?

What to choose: Log or Timber Frame Cabin? Log homes and timber frame homes are structures that are built to last. Most people choose a log or a timber cabin because they love the look. The appearance of log and timber cabins and the eco – friendly attribute is at the core of their popularity. […]

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Home Office Log Cabins

How to design the perfect work-from-home space? If you’re self-employed or thinking about starting your own business take a look at this handy guide which may be helpful to you to design the perfect home office. Designate a space Running your business from the dining room table or the cosy corner of the couch isn’t […]

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