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Build Your Own Home – Mortgage-Free


Have you ever dreamed of owning a home out-right, with no mortgage payment? Sound impossible? We say – No more working for rent/mortgage payments. Paying rent is just money down the drain. Get rid of a bill that never really goes away! Imagine having another 1000 – 3000eu left over each month because you didn’t have a “payment.

You can achieve your dream of home ownership by learning how to build a debt-free home. Everyone wants to get the most house for their money, but poor planning or a lack of construction industry knowledge can add thousands to a new-house price tag. We are here to help you. We have a broad knowledge of design, construction, costs and building conditions in the Irish market because it is what we do on daily basis. Comfortable living can be created with limited funds. We are offering an alternative approach to prospective homeowners. Log cabins are available to purchase from as little as 15K from Optimum Homes. Cabins can be built as inexpensively or as expensively as you wish – you are in control of the final spend. You can start with something small, an extra room or a structure in the back garden, to gain a sense of privacy.

The benefits are endless. Once the logs are in place, you’re done – they form the interior and the exterior! Log cabins are constructed in a shorter time-span than the conventional home, what results in lower total house build costs. Another important reason for building a log cabin is that they are extremely energy-efficient and you can therefore expect a decrease in your utility bills. Logs are natural insulators.

So are you considering building your own home? You have the opportunity to build a one of a kind, unique home that is completely adapted to your needs! Learn how to build your own home and save substantial money with Optimum Homes log cabins. Please do not hesitate to contact us: email: [email protected], phone: +353 1 4823695/ 083 3112000

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